Epoxy floors are used in all kinds of buildings, and for lots of different reasons. Many homeowners use epoxy floors to transform a kitchen, lounge, or dining room, and may also use it as a very robust flooring in their garage.

Where epoxy floor coatings have the most widespread use, is within the business world, where they can be found in just about every industrial, business, and commercial premises you can think of. The question is, why would so many business owners choose epoxy floors for their factories, offices, warehouses, receptions areas, and retail stores? Well, if you do not know, let us give you 3 of the reasons why.

Versatility Of Design and Colour

There are many small businesses which may only operate out of a single office, or just one unit, but there are also many which have multiple locations, and in each of those locations, there are likely to be several rooms, units, and facilities

As we have already alluded to, these will have a variety of purposes, and therefore the flooring style and design that may be suitable for a reception area will differ from what is needed for a factory floor.

This is where epoxy floor coatings are so adept, as they can be laid with a limitless choice in terms of the design, the pattern, and the colour. This makes the areas a far more attractive place to work, and to for those places which are customer-facing, more conducive to making a purchase.

Seamless Surfaces

For any business, there will be a cost for maintaining and cleaning the premises. That applies to a small retail shop as much as it does to a large industrial facility, albeit the scale, complexity and the budget required for cleaning will obviously be on a different scale.

With epoxy floors, those costs should be minimised for the simple reason that they have smooth, sealed, and seamless surfaces. The key words there are sealed and seamless because there are several smooth flooring surfaces, however, many of them are porous.

Porous surfaces are more prone to absorbing liquids that have been spilled on them, and they also trap particles of dust and tiny pieces of grit. When it comes time to sweep those floors, and to wash them with a mop, it is more difficult to get them to the desired level of cleanliness and it takes longer. Epoxy floors do not trap dust and grit, and because they are sealed, liquids are easily mopped up, leaving no residue.

Tough and Durable

Floor coverings and coatings take a lot of abuse in the form of foot flow, items dropping on them, and liquids being spilled on them, and for many of the inferior ones, they soon need repaired, or worse, completely replaced, which is a cost to the business.

Epoxy floor coating is one of the toughest and most durable that any business can have on its floors. It will not only be able to resist anything that would otherwise damage other floors, but it is also going to last so much longer.

This is important for different reasons with some businesses being conscious of the costs that it incurs in maintaining its premises, whilst others may focus on the perception that its customers and clients have of them when some areas of sub-standard flooring seemingly in a state of disrepair.