5 Dos And 5 Don’ts Of Packing Boxes For A Home Move

Whilst many people who move home place a lot of emphasis on choosing the right removalists, which is perfectly understandable, they often do not take the same care when selecting and using packing boxes. This can cause a problem because their belongings, especially the fragile and expensive ones, are at greater risk of damage than if packed in good packing boxes with the appropriate packing materials to protect them.

To help ensure that you give your items the best possible protection if you are moving home soon, here are some of the most important Dos and Don’ts relating to packing boxes and their use.



7 Questions You Should Ask Your Electrician When Hiring Them

You might not regard an electrician as someone who could hold your life in their hands in the same sense in which you might think of your doctor. However, that is exactly the situation whenever an electrician does any work at your home or your business premises. Their skills, experience, and professionalism are what allow them to carry out any electrical work to completion and, more importantly, in a safe manner.

Were that not the case, and you somehow hire an unqualified electrician, then the consequences for you, your family or your work colleagues could be deadly. Failing to complete electrical work safely can increase the risk of electrocution and fire, both of which can bring injury and, in the worst-case scenario, death.

We must emphasise that the vast majority of electricians are skilled professionals, but, as with any industry, there will be individuals who wish to cut corners or rush work so that they can move on to their next paying job. Thankfully, these types are in the minority, but to ensure that the electrician you hire is one of the many skilled professionals we have just alluded to, here are seven questions to ask them, from which the answers will confirm their suitability.

Are You Qualified And Licenced?

An electrician in Australia must be qualified and licenced. This means they will have completed a four-year apprenticeship and will have completed both theory and practical training. Only then are they allowed to apply for an electrician’s licence and should be able to prove that they, and any other electricians in their team, all have such a licence?


7 Amazing Facts About Glass That Few People Know About

7 Amazing Facts About Glass That Few People Know About

We are certain that everyone reading this knows some facts about glass. Not that you may be a glass expert, but, more because you will come across glass almost every hour of every day. As for some of the common facts about glass, you are likely to know they include glass being clear, glass having a smooth surface, glass being delicate and at risk of smashing if it is hit by a hard object, and also that glass can cut your skin if you catch a sharp edge of it.

Of course, there are some exceptions to these such as coloured glass and mirrored or patterned glass but, in the main, all of these will apply to the vast majority of glass that you see and encounter each day such as windows, bottles, a glass balustrade and table tops.

However, what if we were to tell you that there are some facts about glass that you are unlikely to know? We hope you would want to know about them, and it just so happens that, if you keep on reading, you will discover seven amazing facts about glass that most people are not aware of.


How To Maintain Millboard Decking

How To Maintain Millboard Decking

One concern that a homeowner might have when considering whether to choose millboard decking is how much maintenance it will require once it is installed and in use. It is an important point given that millboard, decking, and other decking products, such as composite decking have different requirements with regards to maintaining them.

We are going to explore the ways in which millboard decking should be maintained, but before we do, we should raise one extremely important point. That is, regardless of our general advice regarding maintaining millboard decking, you should always check the manufacturer’s guidance for the specific millboard decking product you buy and follow it to the letter.

Whilst most millboard decking will be manufactured to similar standards and using more or less the same types of materials, there can be differences between them. That could mean a specific cleaning method is not suited to a particular brand or that a certain type of maintenance is needed.  These differences will be rare, but it pays to check, just to be sure.

As for the vast majority of millboard decking products, you will find that the amount of maintenance they need is relatively small, and that is one of its main advantages over decking made from wood, for example.


Top Kitchen Renovation Considerations in a Rental

Top Kitchen Renovation Considerations in a Rental

Rental properties can be complicated to renovate. While you need to put the same love and attention to detail into them as the home you live in, you’ve also got to factor in wear and tear, a tenant’s needs, and the cost of your investment. Talk to a cabinet maker, and you may just discover what your best options could be – such as these below.

Tall Cabinets

Cabinets that reach right to the ceiling can be an ideal option for anyone thinking about ordering a custom kitchen. With no gap between the cabinet and ceiling, there is nowhere for dust to settle. What’s more, they provide your tenants with plenty of storage space that is often lacking in any rental property.

Keep it Simple

As stunning as embellishments and intricate designs can look in a kitchen, these are features best left to your own home. For a rental property, simple, plain doors are far easier to keep clean and maintain.

A cabinet maker can help you choose the best, most robust, and stylish options to suit your rental property. You can then enjoy peace of mind knowing that it would not be a significant undertaking to repair if something were to break.


Choose Epoxy Floor Coatings

3 Reasons To Choose Epoxy Floor Coatings For Your Business

Epoxy floors are used in all kinds of buildings, and for lots of different reasons. Many homeowners use epoxy floors to transform a kitchen, lounge, or dining room, and may also use it as a very robust flooring in their garage.

Where epoxy floor coatings have the most widespread use, is within the business world, where they can be found in just about every industrial, business, and commercial premises you can think of. The question is, why would so many business owners choose epoxy floors for their factories, offices, warehouses, receptions areas, and retail stores? Well, if you do not know, let us give you 3 of the reasons why.

Versatility Of Design and Colour

There are many small businesses which may only operate out of a single office, or just one unit, but there are also many which have multiple locations, and in each of those locations, there are likely to be several rooms, units, and facilities

As we have already alluded to, these will have a variety of purposes, and therefore the flooring style and design that may be suitable for a reception area will differ from what is needed for a factory floor.

This is where epoxy floor coatings are so adept, as they can be laid with a limitless choice in terms of the design, the pattern, and the colour. This makes the areas a far more attractive place to work, and to for those places which are customer-facing, more conducive to making a purchase.


Tree Stumps

Giving Tree Stumps a New Lease on Life 

Not every tree in your yard will be precisely where you need it to be in your landscaping plans that you carefully constructed with your landscapers. And it’s not like you can uproot it and move it all that easily. Sometimes, the only plan of action is cutting it down. But then what are you supposed to do with the stump?

Before you think of ripping it out, killing it, or speeding up the rotting process, consider the following options.

Turn it Into a Planter

Why buy new pots and planters when you can use what nature gave you? Believe it or not, with a bit of preparation, your old tree stump can do the job. By digging out a small hollow in the centre and preparing it as you would a new plant pot, it can act as a natural planter.  

You can then plant succulents, perennials, or whatever you please. All of a sudden, it goes from being an eyesore to your landscaping’s main attraction.


5 Ways to Ensure Your Plumbing Remains in Top Condition

When issues arise with your plumbing, they can cause a lot of problems. Plumbing issues can be expensive to fix, and the damage they can cause to the rest of your property can be extensive. The last thing you want is your carpeted rooms getting flooded and needing to pay for professional cleaning experts to fix that issue.

Because of this, it’s essential to make sure you perform regular maintenance on your home’s pipes and the other parts of your plumbing system. We always recommend speaking with a professional plumber to ensure you’re doing things correctly, but you can do plenty on your own.

Below are five simple things you can do to keep your plumbing in top condition.

  1. Use Drain Strainers

One of the leading causes of ongoing plumbing problems is blocked drains and pipes. If your sinks and other drains don’t have some filter, it’s almost sure that you will eventually run into problems.

Because of this, it’s extremely important to use drain strainers and avoid putting foreign material down the sink. Strainers will catch debris, such as food waste and hair, which would otherwise contribute to blocked drain pipes. Check your filters regularly to ensure they are clear.


5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Glass Pool Fence

The popularity of glass pool fencing is increasing as more and more people are realising just how stylish and modern it can make their backyard appear. Although it is one of the most expensive pool fencing styles, glass fences are worth every dollar that you will spend on them.

They are simple to install, they are very minimalistic – great for people who are trying to simplify their lives – and they are easy to clean and maintain. If you’re thinking about installing a glass pool fence, then you need to do your research first. Make sure that you’re aware of the pros and cons of glass pool fences, and make sure that you’re comfortable with your choice.

Below you will find our top five reasons why you should use a glass fence to enclose your swimming pools. They include:

  1. A Glass Fence Is Durable

One of the most attractive properties of glass is its durability. Glass fences are extremely hard wearing and resistant to damage in even the harshest environments, which gives them a particularly long lifespan when compared to other pool fencing styles. If you want a pool fence that will look good for years, then go for glass!