Not every tree in your yard will be precisely where you need it to be in your landscaping plans that you carefully constructed with your landscapers. And it’s not like you can uproot it and move it all that easily. Sometimes, the only plan of action is cutting it down. But then what are you supposed to do with the stump?

Before you think of ripping it out, killing it, or speeding up the rotting process, consider the following options.

Turn it Into a Planter

Why buy new pots and planters when you can use what nature gave you? Believe it or not, with a bit of preparation, your old tree stump can do the job. By digging out a small hollow in the centre and preparing it as you would a new plant pot, it can act as a natural planter.  

You can then plant succulents, perennials, or whatever you please. All of a sudden, it goes from being an eyesore to your landscaping’s main attraction.

Craft Outdoor Furniture

Even if you’re not much of a woodworker, that doesn’t mean you can’t create an outdoor furniture set with a log stump. When you’re cutting down your tree, consider the best height for a table. You can then use sections of the tree trunk as chairs to sit around it. You can further enhance your new outdoor furniture with cushions for comfort.

Turn it into Art

You might not be all that handy with a chisel and other woodworking tools, but someone in your community might be. Cut off the tree trunk a little higher than you usually would, and hire a local woodworker to craft a stunning sculpture out of it. You’d be astonished at what can be achieved with a single tree trunk.

Create an Animal Feeding Station

Do you often leave birdseed and water out for the wildlife in your area? Consider crafting an animal feeding station out of your tree trunk. Set a birdbath on top of it, and hang feeders off it by securing them into the wood. Before long, you’ll have all manner of visitors turning up for something to eat.

Craft a Game Station

If your tree stump is broad enough, then you can get creative with homemade games. Think about board games that have been a source of family fun for generations. You can carve a grid into the top of the stump, collect stones, and create a game of tic tac toe.

Alternatively, you can spend a bit more time creating a checkerboard. Add two more sections of tree trunk as seats, and you’ve got a competitive natural game station for your loved ones. Consider adding a polyurethane sealant to protect it from the elements.

Sure, you can dig out your old tree stump, add stump killer and rot it out, or cut it into pieces to remove it. But why not leave it in the ground and turn it into something entirely functional or fun? Flex your creative muscles and see what you can come up with.

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