First Night Box

What To Pack In Your First Night Box When You Move Home

Prior to moving home, there is plenty that you need to organise including your removalists, informing utilities, banks, credit card companies and your employer of your new address, plus ordering any new furniture, carpets and other household items that you wish to renew. That is just the start of the list, as there is a lot more that you will need to plan for and arrange.

However, there is one thing according to Melbourne removalists that everyone moving home should plan for, and it beggars belief why so many forget, or simply do not bother, because it would make the move, and especially the first day and night, a less stressful experience. What we are talking about is a first night box.

Although the name is fairly self-explanatory, if you do not know what it is, let us explain. A first night box is something which you bring with you on the day you move house, and it contains items that the family is going need that first night, but which otherwise would not be easily accessible, due to them being packed in a box or carton.

In effect, it is the essentials that on a normal basis you would literally take for granted as being available to you. However, on the first night in a new home, unless you have an entire team helping you to unpack and organise everything (which very few people have), these might not be readily available.