7 Questions You Should Ask Your Electrician When Hiring Them

You might not regard an electrician as someone who could hold your life in their hands in the same sense in which you might think of your doctor. However, that is exactly the situation whenever an electrician does any work at your home or your business premises. Their skills, experience, and professionalism are what allow them to carry out any electrical work to completion and, more importantly, in a safe manner.

Were that not the case, and you somehow hire an unqualified electrician, then the consequences for you, your family or your work colleagues could be deadly. Failing to complete electrical work safely can increase the risk of electrocution and fire, both of which can bring injury and, in the worst-case scenario, death.

We must emphasise that the vast majority of electricians are skilled professionals, but, as with any industry, there will be individuals who wish to cut corners or rush work so that they can move on to their next paying job. Thankfully, these types are in the minority, but to ensure that the electrician you hire is one of the many skilled professionals we have just alluded to, here are seven questions to ask them, from which the answers will confirm their suitability.

Are You Qualified And Licenced?

An electrician in Australia must be qualified and licenced. This means they will have completed a four-year apprenticeship and will have completed both theory and practical training. Only then are they allowed to apply for an electrician’s licence and should be able to prove that they, and any other electricians in their team, all have such a licence?