Whilst many people who move home place a lot of emphasis on choosing the right removalists, which is perfectly understandable, they often do not take the same care when selecting and using packing boxes. This can cause a problem because their belongings, especially the fragile and expensive ones, are at greater risk of damage than if packed in good packing boxes with the appropriate packing materials to protect them.

To help ensure that you give your items the best possible protection if you are moving home soon, here are some of the most important Dos and Don’ts relating to packing boxes and their use.

The 5 Dos

Do Plan Properly: Every house move goes smoother if planned correctly, which applies equally to packing boxes. Assess what items you are taking with you and determine the types and sizes of packages that best suit them regarding protection during transportation.

Do Choose The Best Quality Packing Boxes You Can: Buying your packing materials is not the time to start trying to save the odd dollar here and there. Bear in mind that these boxes could protect some of your items worth thousands of dollars, so buy the best available.

Do Use Special Boxes For Specific Items: Whilst you will have standard boxes of different sizes, you should also look out for special packages for packing specific items. These include mattress boxes, boxes for dishes, cartons for pictures, and wardrobe boxes for transporting clothes on their hangers.

Do Ensure Every Box Is Properly Taped Closed At The Top And Bottom: To avoid a scene akin to a comedy sketch whereby you lift a box, the bottom opens, and the contents smash on the floor, you should follow this advice. Ensure that the top, especially the bottom, is properly taped closed on every box.

Do Label Your Boxes: To avoid chaos and confusion when you and your removalists get to your new home, as you seal each packing box, mark on it with a black marker which room it is for or what the contents of the box are so that everyone knows where it is to be placed upon arrival.

The 5 Don’ts

Don’t Use Discarded And Used Boxes: It can be tempting to try to save money and time by just using boxes from any source, such as those discarded by supermarkets. Unfortunately, that creates an unnecessary risk that your belonging might arrive damaged at your new home.

Don’t Place Delicate Items In Boxes Without Wrapping Them: No matter how diligent your removalists are, they cannot prevent items from colliding within sealed boxes if they have not been wrapped or packed correctly. So, never place fragile, breakable, or valuable items in a box without covering them.

Don’t Overfill Boxes: This is a standard error that occurs to try and save money on the number of boxes used and to try to get everything to fit into one van rather than two. Again, it risks items being damaged, not least from boxes bursting open due to them being overfilled.

Don’t Leave Large Gaps In Boxes: The most common cause of damage to items in boxes is them being struck by another thing in the chest as they move around because gaps have been left in the box. Prevent this by using packing paper, bubble wrap, or packing peanuts to fill those gaps.

Don’t Pile Full Boxes Too High: Don’t take risks by piling your boxes too high. The chances are related to items being danged if the pile of boxes topples over and severe injury to yourself or your family members if struck by a falling television.

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